It’s time for an innovative approach to healthcare!

Possibilities of Wellbeing Resource (POWR) Center: Our mission is to champion individual and community wellbeing through health education,  lifestyle strategies, and integrative medicine.

 We believe in a personalized approach to healthcare that focuses on prevention and lifestyle. After all, the way we live has the strongest influence on our health. We trust that by integrating lifestyle and functional medicine, healthcare will successfully manage chronic illness, and prevention will pave the way to improving health overall.

We are based in western North Carolina and are available to serve you locally and via the internet.

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The POWR Center has two avenues to fulfill its mission:
Health Education
We provide classes and educational resources on lifestyle and  integrative medicine.
We partner with community health agencies, health centers, and corporations to:
• —Educate community members, patients, and employees on health-promoting practices.
•— Advocate disease prevention and health maintenance.
• Provide information on integrative medicine options.

Coaching and Treatment
We incorporate lifestyle and Eastern medicine to address health concerns using holistic nutrition and health coaching, acupuncture, botanical medicine, therapeutic essential oils, movement, and breathing practices.
We serve individuals and families by:
• Identifying appropriate complementary care.
• Consulting and treating through in-office and tele-based services.
• Providing preventive care and health maintenance strategies.
• Administering Eastern medicine treatments and lifestyle coaching

To set up a private consultation, to request classes, or to learn more about other ways we contribute, leave a message on our contact page.